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Nearly 13 year ago, I first registered this domain, and it’s been serving my mail and server needs well for that time.  However today’s the day when I finally get around to putting something up on the HTTP side of things.  1 x WordPress install later, a bit of configuring and here it is; I’m happy to introduce you to “Yelland Shout”.  This is going to be my personal blog, where I’ll write for you all about whatever happens to be on my mind.  For those of you who already know me, you’ll know that this is likely to be about some aspect of technology and either how to play with it, or the implications of it playing with us.  For those who don’t know me, then leave a comment to say hi and we can soon change that.

So I have to say, that even I’m surprised that it’s taken me quite so long to get something up here.  There have been many excuses over the years, but really the biggest impediment to starting, has been deciding what to write about.  I’m a reasonably modest chap, and it’s taken me some time to realise that I do have insights that other people may enjoy reading.  Of course, really that should be “I hope that other people may enjoy reading” – that’s kind of the point of hitting “publish” now, to see if the “you build it, and they will come” adage holds true.  Actually I feel that I already know the answer to that – if no one knows that you exist, then they’re not going to come.  However running this site, will allow me to experiment with a sprinkle of Internet marketing (which I promise that will be more than just repeatedly spamming my friends), on a brand which won’t die in any marketplace if there’s a misstep – me!

So is it even relevant to write a personal blog in 2013? To be honest I don’t know, I certainly follow a few interesting ones, which I’m sure we’ll be discussing in later posts.  I am sure that writing personal updates is not out of fashion, we seem to have more options than ever to do that: from the lengthy posts you can leave on Facebook / Google+, through the shorter Tweets, to the short-lived Snapchats.  I did consider just making my Google+ page public, and writing there to see what happened, but in the end decided that since I’ve owned this piece of internet real-estate so long, that it’s time to give it a proper use.  Besides, as a coder, it’s nice to think that I can jump in here and tinker, even if web is not my primary field.  So here it is, installed on my server, and we’ll see what happens.

So another concern about writing a blog, is of course coming up with regular content updates to keep it interesting for you all.  I don’t want this to get like a gym resolution, where it’s great for the first month or so, then the excuses pile up and before long it’s not being effective.  I can’t say that I have a miracle answer for you, I certainly haven’t solved the gym issue yet, but I do have a range of topics that I’m passionate about and am looking forward to introducing over the coming weeks.  If I got the configuration right, then you should be able to get to the RSS feed from the “Meta” section on each page, please shove that into your favourite RSS Reader and stay up to date with what’s happening here.  Speaking of which, there’s now 3 weeks before Google Reader shutters, can anyone recommend a good replacement?

Anyway, it’s been easy to procrastinate and come up with excuses as to why this site’s not been ready to start.  However they are just that – excuses.  I’ve been a follower of the Agile methodologies for programming since early 2001, and the Lean methodologies for business for a good couple of years too.  Both of these extol the virtue of getting something out there soon, and then iterating based on how it goes down with its audience.  ”Yelland Shout” is going to be no different, this is very much v1.0.  Please jump into the comments and tell me what you like, what you don’t like, and together we will make this site awesome.

This is probably long enough for a welcome post, so thank you very much for reading this far.  Next time we will start looking at one of the many pies that I have my fingers in at the moment, and how that is going to shape the future.  But for now, I think we will leave it here.  Thanks again -Andy

(Image Credit: Jimmy_Joe on Flickr)

  • Nee73

    and so it begins…. is the world ready? looking forward to talking the meaning of life and all thing tech :-)

    • Andy Yelland

      Cheers Nee – congratulations on the first post ever here! Although not sure you can say “and” there – I thought “all thing tech” WAS the meaning of life ;) That’s a bit like: “Truth, Justice AND the American way”

  • Alex Darby

    Glad you’ve decided to speak out where others can hear you – I said this was the year of the bald ;)

    • AndyTheBald

      Cheers Alex – encouragement like that, will make it easier to come back and do more

  • mttd


    Regarding the alternatives to Google Reader:

    Currently considering the following:

    InoReader: https://www.inoreader.com/
    Nice (read: minimal, no bloat) interface, good content search, fast :-)

    CommaFeed: https://commafeed.com/
    Really nice interface — really love the universally working (incl. in list preview) mid-click function, seems to be the only one with that feature and would’ve been my favorite, but… good content search when it works (downtime due to optimization at the moment), currently slow performing :-( I’ll keep revisiting, it could be perfect if the issues get fixed.

    The Old Reader: http://theoldreader.com/
    Depends — search for “You have not used The Old Reader for a while, so we kept only fresh posts for you” and decide whether it’s a problem for you. Imperfect search function (doesn’t find all the content). There’s also some update lag — it’s using refresh-at-twice-the-average update rate (so, if a feed posts, say, every 8 hours, it checks every 4h), which may or may not be a problem for some.

    Reedah: http://reedah.com/
    Somewhat imperfect search function (doesn’t find all the content), somewhat different interface.

    NOT considering:
    Feedly — seems to be popular, but really dislike its animated interface (reminds me of slides with transition effects, don’t have time nor patience for that) and there’s NO content search function, so it’s out of the running for me :-[

    Others: thoughts?

    • http://yelland.org/ Andy Yelland

      Cheers for that detailed post. I’d got as far as firing up Feedly, and deciding I didn’t like it too – it messed something up with the import. Ino looks promising, just fired it up and so far it’s nice – thank you.

      I guess I really don’t use much functionality from my Google Reader replacement anyway, really it was for the unread counts on the blogs I don’t keep up to date with, for when there’s an excess of time to kill. Flipboard’s still my go-to renderer of choice for sites I try and stay on top of daily.

  • Paul Hilton

    Looking forward to some tech insights and philosophical ramblings!

    • http://yelland.org/ Andy Yelland

      Cheers Paul, welcome to Yelland Shout. Am going to try and get something “on topic” up before next weekend, blogging about blogging is all a bit meh (although there’s still a few oblig. posts to do about that too)

  • Coherent Labs

    Hi, Definitely looking forward to plenty of interesting thoughts in game development. Good Luck with this project!

    • http://yelland.org/ Andy Yelland

      Cheers for popping by and saying hi. Your site looks interesting too. Pulling Webkit apart, to make it game-friendly is on my long-term todo list, maybe with your stuff I won’t have to.

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