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I awoke this morning to the news that Facebook has now acquired Oculus, the company behind the Rift.  Outside of Mark and Palmer‘s Facebook posts this appears to have been greeted with an enormous amount of vitriol across the Net.  That alone is reason enough to dust off the blog, and do a more detailed piece about why I actually think it’s a good thing. [Read more...]

Banking 2.0

Image Credit: from 401(K) on Flickr

Image Credit: from 401(K) on Flickr

Since the financial crash in 2008, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do a disruptive startup in the finance sector.  It’s much better karma to work on how to make existing players irrelevant, than it is to just moan “that’s not fair”.  This is the nature of entrepreneurship, you look for opportunities to disrupt existing markets, because as the small guy you rarely get to compete fairly within the existing rule-set.

While the banks are a very suitable Goliath to play David against, it’s hard to achieve disruption because of their Unfair Advantage.  If you’re not aware, banks have been employing something known as Fractional Reserve banking, which in the UK we’ve been using since we left the Gold Standard in 1931.

In a nutshell, Fractional Reserve allows the bank to lend out more to borrowers, than they have in reserves – often a lot more.  At the moment this is around 8-9x more.  So for every £1 they have in a saver’s account, they can lend out £9 to borrowers. [Read more...]


Photo Credit: Jimmy_Joe on Flickr

Nearly 13 year ago, I first registered this domain, and it’s been serving my mail and server needs well for that time.  However today’s the day when I finally get around to putting something up on the HTTP side of things.  1 x WordPress install later, a bit of configuring and here it is; I’m happy to introduce you to “Yelland Shout”.  This is going to be my personal blog, where I’ll write for you all about whatever happens to be on my mind.  For those of you who already know me, you’ll know that this is likely to be about some aspect of technology and either how to play with it, or the implications of it playing with us.  For those who don’t know me, then leave a comment to say hi and we can soon change that.

So I have to say, that even I’m surprised that it’s taken me quite so long to get something up here.  There have been many excuses over the years, but really the biggest impediment to starting, has been deciding what to write about.  I’m a reasonably modest chap, and it’s taken me some time to realise that I do have insights that other people may enjoy reading.  Of course, really that should be “I hope that other people may enjoy reading” – that’s kind of the point of hitting “publish” now, to see if the “you build it, and they will come” adage holds true.  Actually I feel that I already know the answer to that – if no one knows that you exist, then they’re not going to come.  However running this site, will allow me to experiment with a sprinkle of Internet marketing (which I promise that will be more than just repeatedly spamming my friends), on a brand which won’t die in any marketplace if there’s a misstep – me! [Read more...]

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